International Diversification Beautician Association, abbreviated: INDBA

North American transnational professional beauty Association. Committed to all types of beauty certification. To carry out beauty study and academic seminar to promote the development and improvement of the overall standard of beauty art in various countries; to select and award outstanding beauticians and to organize various lectures, seminars and observance clubs to actively promote exchanges and cooperation among professional cosmetologists from all over the world.

INDBA is a global body of accredited international beauty professionals in North America and Canada that legally registers the federal government of Canada.

Asia headquartered in Taiwan, and registered in accordance with the law, responsible for the beauty of the relevant certification in Asia.

INDBA long-term commitment to the certification of senior experts beauty certification, has been certified by many countries around the world.

North American International Association of beauticians (INDBA) certification has entered Asia, and has been widely concerned, and access to corporate recognition. (INDBA) has a perfect certification system and improve the security system. INDBA Asian beauty certification program are:

1.Eyelash Extension

2.Nail Art

3.Embroidery Art

4.Aromatherapy (SPA)、(Perfumer)




8.Bridal Stylist


10.Hair Stylist

and other fields of certification. At the same time, with other international professional associations have good cooperation and cooperation certification.

INDBA is Asia division,Americas Division, Europe Division,part of the department responsible for certifying training in the area,
and accept a unified management and leadership headquarters.